Around the Bay in March 2007

Training season has begun for professional baseball. Oakland & San Francisco go to bat against each other on Mar. 11, 13, 30, 31.

Glenn Miller Orchestra plays on the USS Hornet, which will be transformed into a unique dancehall for the event .

Published: March, 2007 

Spring Training

Training season has begun for professional baseball. Oakland & San Francisco go to bat against each other on Mar. 11, 13, 30, 31. See full schedules online:

Save the Daylight!

Spring forward to the clock and set it one hour ahead. Lose an hour you might have spent at work. Daylight Savings Time begins at 2AM on Mar. 11. Be super punctual by setting your clock to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s official U.S. time clock.

Clean Beach Sunday

Just show up at Ocean Beach at the end of the street noted below, and the Surfrider Foundation will provide gloves and bags and instructions. Sun., Mar. 4, 10AM-Noon. Water quality reports, new beach fire pit information and local clean up schedules can be found at



Spectra Ball ‘07

ArtSFest presents the 4th Annual Spectra Ball, a creative spectacle that brings together the spectrum of the arts with dynamic multi-cultural performances of music, theater, dance, circus, spoken word, fashion and visual art. All art work is for sale. Tickets: $50, $100 VIP. Sat., Mar. 31, 8PM–2AM, Regency Center, 1290 Sutter St., SF, (415) 561-7802,

Big Band on Board Hornet

Glenn Miller was one of the most successful of all the bandleaders back in the Swing era of the ‘30s and ‘40s. In 1944, Miller took off in a single-engine plane from England to precede his band to France. He was never seen again. The present-day, 19-member, Glenn Miller Orchestra, formed in 1956, tours the globe and plays many of the original arrangements, as well as modern selections that lend themselves to the Glenn Miller big-band sound. Dancing is on the aircraft carrier’s enclosed hangar deck. 707 W. Hornet Ave., Pier 3, Alameda, (510) 521-8448 - ext. 225,

Bad Intentions at FLOAT Gallery

Student filmmakers Scott J. Taylor and Clayton Glinton have collaborated to create an exhibit, strongly influenced by graffiti, blues, hip hop culture and media counterculture. Their art portrays a world of bad intentions through sound, video and the daunting images of characters, to challenge popular views of reality. Opening party Sat., Mar. 17, 6-9PM. Show through Apr. 4. FLOAT, Floatation Center – Art Gallery 1091 Calcot Pl., #116, (510) 282-0425,



Tugging at Oakland

Look through the lens of Captain Jan Tiura, who is one of the elite tractor tug captains. Nearly all of the digital photographs were shot from the vantage of her tugboat, revealing intimate maritime perspectives and showing the Port of Oakland and San Francisco Bay as few are able to experience. Mar. 1-4, Potomac Visitor Center, 540 Water St., Oakland (Jack London Square).

Suburbia Doomed?

James Howard Kunstler, renowned commentator & critic of American space and place, will be speaking at the Commonwealth Club. His book, The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century, has been described by OrganicEvents as a wide-casting, statistics-studded journey through energy production and technologies, world economic and political history and climatology that culminates in predictions that the suburbs are doomed. Mon., Mar. 19, reception 1130AM, program at Noon, 595 Market St., SF. $15 / $8 for members.

Rakkasah Richmond

Rakkasah West, the largest Middle-eastern folk festival and fantasy bazaar in the world, takes place once-a-year at the Richmond Auditorium. Week-long workshops feature internationally known belly dancing, folk dancing and music teachers. Experience exotic costuming, jewelry, decor, henna painting, music, dancers, music, dancers, music and more dancers. Workshops Mon., Mar. 12-Sun., Mar. 18. Fees $12-15. For direction & more information, please visit

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Scott Taylor & Clayton Glinton’s collaboration at FLOAT Gallery in Oakland’s Cotton Mills Studios explores counterculture through painting, music & film.

Maritime photographer and tugboat captain, Jan Tiura’s will have her work on display in Oakland for a mere four days at the beginning of the month.