Mary Jbeily

At the end of May, Golden Gate Ferry Operations Analyst Mary Jbeily will be celebrating her first year working in the maritime industry.

As a Ferry Operations Analyst, Mary Jbeily’s duties include streamlining computer processes to reduce inefficiencies and provide analytics to help operations run smoothly.


Published: April, 2019


At the end of May, Golden Gate Ferry Operations Analyst Mary Jbeily will be celebrating her first year working in the maritime industry. Although Jbeily doesn’t work on the ferry boats themselves, her role is still a critical one. As an analyst, she streamlines processes, reduces inefficiencies, and helps to provide analytics on ridership, cost tracking, and capital and operations budgets. In other words, she works behind the scenes to make the entire ferry operation run more smoothly.


“I really enjoy getting to work alongside our admin team on special projects with the aim of improving service for our passengers, and I especially enjoy participating in projects with the goal of integrating new technologies or improving existing ones,” Jbeily said. “There’s so many different things that this position gets involved with, and different departments within the agency I get to communicate with, and that’s a really great thing.”


To her new job, Jbeily brought with her a wealth of experience and a commitment to public service. She previously worked for the government as an analyst for the California Department of Health Care Services, specifically dealing with the Medi-Cal eligibility budget, and then as a special projects manager with the California Department of General Services. Jbeily’s degree is in organizational communications from Cal State Sacramento.


“I’m always open to new opportunity because I see it as a way for growth, expanding my knowledge and skill set,” she said. “So I wasn’t hesitant at all to jump into this field. I’ve commuted on the ferry many times before; when I got the call for the job offer, I was actually riding the ferry into the city.” Now that’s good timing.


Working out of the Larkspur Terminal and being part of Golden Gate Ferry has been meaningful for Jbeily. “Getting to be a part of the organization—part of that greater community for the commuters and the tourists—is the best part,” she said.


Jbeily said she’s constantly impressed with her coworkers’ ability to work on the fly and improvise to keep the operation running smoothly: “It’s really amazing to watch the people here who just know everything like the back of their hand, like how the schedule can be shifted or where the crew can be pulled from. The most exciting and interesting thing has been just seeing everybody come together when things need to get done.”


When she’s not analyzing data, helping to streamline computer and electronic document management—or any number of other interesting duties that may arise on an average workday—Jbeily likes to take a break from the water and venture inland for a little off-roading with her fiancé. They used to own a Jeep, but now they’ve built up their Lexus for adventure, often returning home covered in mud.


“It is so much fun!” she exclaimed. “It’s not the most comfortable ride all the time, but you get that adrenaline rush as you’re going up or down really steep hills, or when you’re on some of the obstacle courses. When you get to the end of some of the trails the views are amazing; in Tahoe we’ve gone to one where you’re above the clouds a little bit, looking over the lake.” They’ve also taken the Rubicon Trail down to some hidden lakes.


Jbeily sees working with the ferry as part of her adventurous spirit and her love of the outdoors. “Even before working here, I’ve always thought that it’s just a very relaxing service when you’re unwinding from a long day of work,” she said. “Especially when the weather’s nice, getting to go stand outside while you’re in the middle of your commute—to have that option is really nice.”